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Violus (Vie - oh - luhs) is the pairing of Baron Augustus Reinhold and Lady Viola (Viol/a, August/us). This is one of the few canon pairings from the original trilogy. Another name for them is Augusta, or Auglet. After Viola died, Augustus fell ill also, which was when the game for the Golden Apple began.

Relationship DynamicEdit

Augustus and Viola lived together with their daughter Flora in their own village, St. Mystere. Unfortunately, Viola caught influenza and died, to her husband's sorrow. She was buried in the garden of Reinhold Manor so that she would always be close to him. Augustus asked Bruno to make a robot replica of Viola for Flora, but this was a bad choice. The replica was so similar to the real Viola, which upset the Reinholds a lot. To fix this, Augustus asked Bruno (the creator of all the robots) to turn the replica into a new one - Lady Dahlia.

Augustus soon discovered his own illness, which wasn't so sad to him as he would be alongside Viola once again. It only made him feel sad when he thought about his daughter's sake after his death. This is completely sorted in Curious Village.