Shenry is the pairing of Sharon Redoll and Henry Redoll (Sh/aron, H/enry). This is an un-canon pairing from the prequel trilogy. They are sometimes seen as canon, but that is only because of their 'marriage'. Their real life pairing is Sechiko.

Relationship DynamicEdit

After Lando Ascad's 'death', Henry lead a search party funded by Lando's parents to find him. Instead of Lando, the party found the treasure of the Akbadain ruins, making Henry a millionaire. The inn that was built to accomodate the party by the ruins, the Waiting for a Friend Inn (named in Lando's honour), wuld eventually grow to be the city of Montdol's finest hotel.

Not long after Montdol began, Henry invited Sharon and Lando's widowed mother to move from Steviano and live with him at Redoll Mansion, to wait for Lando to return. For unknown reasons, Sharon was unable to live in Montdol without marrying a resident, so she and Henry pretended to be married.