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"But there's one bright spot in this sad story, and that is our lovely granddaughter Katia. Our departure all those years ago has given you the chance. Katia's mother died shortly after she was born but Katia grew up strong and sweet just the same. She reminds me of you every time she smiles."

Satia (Sah - tee - ah) is the pairing of Sophia and Katia Anderson (S/ophia, K/atia). This is an un-canon pairing from the original trilogy. This is also a family pairing, Katia being the granddaughter of Sophia.

Relationship DynamicEdit

Sophia left Folsense and then founded Dropstone, where she gave birth to Katia's mother (unnamed). Her daughter married a man named Mr. Anderson, a friend and protegé of Sophia's, and soon they had their own child. She died shortly after the birth, but Katia still grew up well. Whilst she was alive, Sophia spent some time searching for the Elysian Box that she had sent to Anthony, and did eventually find it. Sophia spent most of her last days drafting then writing a reply to his letter, before passing away.

Katia was shocked by her grandmother's death, and hardly ever came home after it. She also had lots of fights with her father. She eventually decided to board the Molentary Express (coincidentally at the same time as Layton and Luke) to bring the Elysian Box to Anthony and meet him according to her grandmother's last wishes.

After explaining to Anthony why Sophia had left, they both hugged, and Anthony swore that he would spend what time he had left alive getting to know their granddaughter.


  • They are at least 30 years apart in age.