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Paula (Paw - la) is the pairing of Flora Reinhold and Paul (Paul, Flor/a). This is an un-canon pairing from the original trilogy. They don't get along very well, mainly because of Paul's many attempts to kidnap Flora. Their real-life pairings are Cani, Chemma, Joni, Emmathan and Manoru.

Relationship DynamicEdit

Paul and Flora both appeared in Curious Village, but didn't have a proper introduction. They first saw each other when Paul's flying contraption collided with Layton's.

In Diabolical Box, Flora loses sight of Layton and Luke in Dropstone. Paul, who had been following them, kidnaps her and acts in her place. He leaves her at the farm until Layton comes for her after the game.

Paul takes Layton's place in Unwound Future and joins Luke, Flora and Clive as they climb the Towering Pagoda. When his job is done, he leaves with Layton and Luke, after Layton refuses to let him go down with Flora (Clive takes her instead). They meet again at the science labs.


  • An exact age difference is unknown, but it is probably around 21 years.
  • Paul was one of the few humans to know Flora's secret.

Paula MomentsEdit

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Paula HintsEdit

  • Their in-game voices (Christopher Robin Miller and Lani Minella) still voice characters in Professor Layton.
  • Both of them are still alive in the future.