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"I am still surprised you recall me however. Five years is an ample amount of time to forget someone."

"You're hardly forgettable."

"...I am unsure of how to respond to that."

- Louam and Morra talking during her treatment, Five Cigarettes Later

Morram is the pairing of Morra Fallow and Louam Altava-Ascad (Morr/a, Lou/am). This is a non-canon pairing sixteen years after Five Cigarettes Later. They are unusual in the aspect that they are both OCs.

Relationship DynamicEdit

Louam first met Morra when he was only four years old, then when he was seventeen, and then finally when he was twenty one. Throughout these visits, Morra remained twenty years old. Any romantic feelings Louam grew for Morra happened after his second encounter with her.