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"Don't you worry, Janice! You can hang on to me if you're scared."

"No, I'm not scared - this is great fun!"

- Melina and Luke talking in the flying contraption.

Meluke (Meh - lewk) is the pairing of Melina Whistler and Luke Triton (Mel/ina, L/uke). This pairing is from the prequel triology, and an un-canon one. Another name for them is Lukina. This pairing is not very popular. Their real life pairings are Naki, Mamiko, Mamma and Emani.

Relationship DynamicEdit

Melina took the place of Janice throughout the film, behind Luke's back as well as the others'. While in this disguise, she worked alongside Luke and Layton, staying completely incognito. Luke helps her out various times in Eternal Diva as she gets herself into trouble, most commonly with Descole's minions.


When Melina gets kidnapped and took to the Detra-Gigant after her identity is revealed, Luke rushes to help her, in spite of the fact the professor thought it dangerous. So Luke goes for her, dodging many disasterous obstacles in the way, including a long snake-like part that almost drilled into him, but didn't, thanks to Layton.


  • They're 13 years apart in age, Luke being 9 and Melina being 22 (a year prior Last Specter/Spectre's Call).
  • Melina helped Luke on the way to becoming a "true gentleman".

Meluke MomentsEdit

Eternal Diva Edit

  • Luke believed Melina when she said the entrance was the other way.
  • They both helped Layton build the helicopter.
  • Melina complimented Luke's puzzle-solving skills outside the castle.
  • Luke caught Melina.
  • Melina and Luke both bumped against Descole's minions.
  • Luke tried to fight for Melina.
  • Melina called for Luke.
  • Luke ran for Melina and got trapped by the wolves.
  • Luke made his way across the dangers of the Detra-Gigant for Melina.
  • Luke jumped for Melina's hand.
  • Melina thanked Luke.
  • Melina called Luke "apprentice No. 1".

Fan RepresentationEdit

They do not have anything together, as Melina's personality overtaking Janice's is sometimes overlooked as a fact. Also, Melina herself isn't very popular in fan categorizing.

Meluke SongsEdit

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Spoken MomentsEdit

"Thank you...Luke..."

"Forget it. It was nothing, Melina."

"Farewell, Luke, apprentice number one."


"Is everyone else at the entrance?"

"But the entrance is the other way, isn't it?"

"Huh? Professor, we're going the wrong way. We have to go back."

"I'll protect you from them, Janice!"