Mo (Moh) is the pairing of Maki Horikita and 'Yō Ōizumi (M/aki, Y/ō). Another name for them is Yaki. This is a VA pairing.


  • They've worked together in every game so far in the Professor Layton series, and the movie.
  • Both of them were born in Japan, though Maki was born in Tokyo and Yō was born in Ebetsu.
  • They are around 16 years apart in age.

In-Game PairingsEdit

Regional Equivalant PairingsEdit

Inside and Outside of WorkEdit

Horikita and Ōizumi are popularly known for their parts in Professor Layton. They have been featured in media outside of actually voice-acting the characters. They appeared in a Saigo No Jikan Ryokou commercial together. They were interviewed alongside Yoshino Kimura and another VA. and were both interviewed for the release of Kiseki No Kamen in Japan. They got to test the 3Ds's capabilities together, both of them being shocked at the results.