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"Now listen to me, Janice! Melina hasn't gone!"


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Lunice (Loo - niss) is the pairing of Luke Triton and Janice Quatlane (Lu/ke, Ja/nice). This is an un-canon pairing from the prequel trilogy. Another name for them is Jake. They haven't got much about them, as Melina took over Janice's place for the majority of the film. Their real-life pairings are Naki and Mamma.

Relationship DynamicEdit

Janice was in shock after Melina left, and wanted her to have stayed. Luke bursts out and tells her that Melina will always be with her, which Layton agrees to.

Janice visits the pair 3 years after Eternal Diva.


  • They're probably 13 years apart in age, Janice being more or less 22 and Luke being 9 (a year prior Lasr Specter).