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"That's pretty music."

"...The sea taught it to me."

- Luke and Nina talking over the 'Song of the Sea'.

Luna (Loo - na) is the pairing of Luke Triton and Nina (Lu/ke, Ni/na). This pairing is from the prequel triology, and is un-canon. Another name for them is Nuke. This couple does not have a big role in Eternal Diva, as they only communicate once, and they are hardly ever seen in fanart/fanfiction.

Relationship DynamicEdit

Both Luke and Nina made it onto the island of Ambrosia alongside the other competitors. Nina wanders off on to the beach, and Luke, seeing the professor and Melina talking, wanders off as well. He attempts to talk to her, but she keeps ignoring him. He also tries to get her to listen to the sound of the sea from a pink seashell he had found. Nina, without even touching the shell, says that she can hear it, and starts to hum the Song of the Sea. Luke compliments her on this piece, gets up, and turns around. Once he looks back again, he sees that she has run off, so he goes to tell Oswald Whistler in panic.

As this shows, Luke was the only one who talked to Nina on the beach. He did his best to entertain her, and she eventually responded. He even worried himself about her safety when she ran off. This identifies him as a lovely friend for Nina, above all else.


  • As of when they met, they were 4 years apart in age, Luke being 11 and Nina being 7.