"Lemme' guess: you didn't want the whole class to know your talent?"

"Is it that obvious?"

Lukianna (Loo - kee - arna) is the pairing of Luke Triton and Arianna (Luk/e, Ar/ianna). This is not the pairing from Last Specter (see here for that). This is an un-canon, fanfictionous pairing from the story New Friendship, made by wiz-witch.

Relationship DynamicEdit

Luke and Arianna are paired up together for the book project at their school. Arianna was absent from school when Clive came to work with Flora at her house. Clive catches Luke talking to Missy, Arianna's cat, and so he tells everyone about Luke's "secret talent" to communicate with animals. Arianna feels sorry about telling everyone, but Luke says he's okay with it in the end. They began a friendship together.

Lukianna MomentsEdit

New FriendshipEdit

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