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"Remember her...for always."

Lanice (Lan - iss) is the pairing of Hershel Layton and Janice Quatlane (La/yton, Ja/nice). Another name for them is Janton, or Renis. Since Melina takes over Janice's personality, Layton only connects with her after and before the main plotline of Eternal Diva. Their real-life pairings are Yona and Chemma.

Relationship DynamicEdit

Janice used to be a student of Layton's at Gressenheller University before she left to work in the opera business. She - or rather, Melina - sent the professor a letter a few years later asking for his help in solving a mystery involving Eternal Life. However, the identity cover-up soon slips.

Melina decides to leave Janice's body against her will. Layton comforts her, and agrees to what Luke says about Melina always being close to Janice.

3 years later, most likely between Diabolical Box and Unwound Future, Janice returns to the professor's office. Coincidentally, she arrives while Layton and Luke are listening to her soundtrack. The music finishes as they get up to see her.


  • They probably have the same age difference as Layton and Melina: 13 years.
  • Layton brings back the record for The Eternal Diva: Janice Quatlane to show Luke. Whatever he did to retrieve it shows he cared enough to try and find it.

Lanice MomentsEdit

  • Layton puts his hands on Janice's shoulder.
  • Layton listens to Janice sing, both in his presence and on soundtrack.
  • Janice visits Layton in future.

Lanice HintsEdit

  • Layton and Janice's VAs (Christopher Robin Miller and Emma Tate) have come together just for Eternal Diva.
  • Both of them are alive in the present.