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"But why? Why would you do all this for me?"

"Master Randall, do you really not know? You've always looked out for me."

Hendo is the pairing of Henry Ledore and Randall Ascot (Hen/ry, Lan/do). This is a prequel, un-canon pairing. Randall and Henry have a lot of arguments throughout Miracle Mask due to the mistakes both of them made, yet they remain good friends. Their real-life pairing is Yuki.

Relationship DynamicEdit

Randall and Henry met when they were very young. Even at that age, Henry had a servant job that meant he lived with the Ascots at their mansion. One time, the maid of the house shouted at Henry for playing with Randall's toy robot. Randall, instead of punishing Henry as the maid said, let him have the robot and invited him to play with Alphonse and Angela later on. Lando stood up for Henry when Alphonse stole the robot from Henry, and got it back for him. From then on. their friendship grew.

Henry looked shocked when he had discovered of Randall's 'death'. As he grew older, he founded Monte d'Or, the place Randall terrorizes as the Masked Gentleman in the present of Miracle Mask. He also sent out more search parties into the Akbadain Ruins that Layton and Randall went through, but nothing was found.

Randall takes off his disguise after the second to last miracle in the Reunion Inn. He explains his story to Layton, Henry and Angela before taking off to the roof of the establishment. His last miracle would apparently be the cause of Monte d'Or's destruction, due to Descole telling poor Randall that Henry was behind all of his misfortune.

Randall was angry at Henry, saying that he stole everything from him. He isn't exactly convinced of the truth until Mrs. Ascot, his mother, tells him that Henry has been looking after her for the past 18 years. Once everything was explained, all Randall could feel was guilt, but Angela and Henry except his apology.


  • It is probable that they were the same age, differing by a few months.
  • Alphonse gives idiotic nicknames to both Henry and Randall, such as Henry Le Bore and Bratscot.
  • All of the money that was put into making and earned from Monte d'Or's success was signed for three parties, one titled 'Randall Ascot'.

Hendo MomentsEdit

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