Emmy x Koko

"Altava! there you are!"'


Eko (Eh - ko) is the pairing of Koko La'Rue and Emmy Altava (E/mmy, Ko/ko). This is a pairing from the fanfiction The Greatest Riddle of All. This pairing was made by Chrononaut. Another name for them is Kemmy.

Relationship DynamicEdit

The pair first met after Layton met Emmy at the Yard in Last Specter/Spectre's Call. They studied at the same college and shared a student flat together. Having both orgininated from troubled roots, the two quickly became firm friends. Although not much is known yet of their past together and why they went seperate ways, they were re-united years later at Gressenheller and still maintained a close friendship. It has been suggested that perhaps Koko harbours a deep love for Emmy but it remains to be see if its purely platonic or romantic.

In conclusion, they have a very good relationship, whether being considered a romance or not.

Eko Trivia/FactsEdit

  • Koko was designed to look the opposite of Emmy.
  • In age, the two are 3 months apart.
  • Emmy only confides in Koko about important and personal matters.
  • When they first met, they argued before realising that they would be better off as friends.