Duke is the pairing of Jean Descole and Luke Triton (D/escole, L/uke). This is an un-canon pairing from the prequel trilogy. Another name for them is Luscole. They don't get along in any of the games they both feature in. Their real-life pairings are Masuro, Joria, Lim and Timia.

Relationship DynamicEdit

Luke meets Descole in Last Specter when he tries to wreck Misthallery with his army of mining machines. With Layton, Emmy and Loosha's cooperation, they are able to stop Descole, who swears to defeat Layton in future.

In Eternal Diva, Descole joins the contestants in the king's room. Melina asks Luke if he knows Descole. Later in the film, Luke goes with Layton to save Melina and gets in Descole's way. He attempts to stop Luke with the Detra-Gigant, but Layton luckily comes to Luke's rescue.


  • They are 24 years apart in age.