DimiBill (Dimitri x Bill) is a rare pairing between Dimitri Allen and Bill Hawks.

Relationship DynamicsEdit

It is unknown when Dimitri and Bill met. They worked together when they were scientists, 10 years before the events of Unwound Future. Dimitri kidnapped Bill in the game (with Clive and his men).

Dimitri seems to have a grudge on Bill because of his greed and by the fact that he betrayed him.

Fan RepresentationEdit

Usually, the PL fandom tends to hate Bill and doesn't ship him much. DimiBill, Jakes/Bill and Clive/Bill are the only known Bill pairings. There are a lot of Dimitri pairings, but mostly Dimitri/Claire and Dimitri/Clive.

DimiBill Trivia/FactsEdit

  • Bill and Dimitri are probably the same age.
  • They were very good friends before.
  • Dimitri is left alone with Bill for a long time when he got kidnapped.