"Impossible! The professor will never lose to the likes of you!"

"Such spirit in this one!"

- the only notable conversation between the pair.

Demmy (Dem - ee) is the pairing of Jean Descole and Emmy Altava (De/scole, E/mmy). This is an un-canon pairing from the prequel triology. Not much can be said about them, as they've only talked once. Another name for them is Escole, or Jemmy. They don't have much in the way of being a major un-canon couple, but still have some popularity in fanart (especially with short pieces of manga/doujinshi). Their real life pairings are Ataki, Lim, Joni, Jomma and Em.

Relationship DynamicEdit

Emmy and Descole haven't had much together. In Last Specter, Emmy is enraged as Descole talks upon 'Layton's defeat.' They have a similar approach in Mask of Miracle, as, once again, Descole attempts to ruin things.

It is likely this will happen again in Professor Layton 6, though is not certain. It is also presumed that Emmy has a big part in the ending; of course, being an antagonist and origins still unknown, Descole may likely have his identity and past revealed.


  • They are 9 years apart in age, like Lemmy.

Fan RepresentationEdit

In the past, Descole and Emmy weren't popular. However, for causes that are incomprehensible, they became a 'fan trend'.

Demmy HintsEdit

  • Emmy and Descole's main voice actors (Lani Minella/Saki Aibu and Tim Curry/Atsuro Watabe) will be working together.
  • It has been theorized that Emmy and Descole are working together, because Emmy 'over-does it' at the beginning of Last Specter. Despite not being together for long, and saying it at different times throughout the game, they both quote "Laytonesque".

Demmy SongsEdit

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