"Stop it!"

"You must sing if you want to save them, Melina!"

- Janice fighting with Descole.

Delina (Deh - leena) is the pairing of Jean Descole and Melina Whistler (De/scole, Me/lina). This pairing is un-canon and from the prequel trilogy. Another name for them is Mescole. Melina's personality doesn't exactly match up with Descole's, but they are both musically talented. Their real life pairing is Atsumiko.

Relationship DynamicEdit

Jean and Melina, playing the roles of the antagonist and the damsel in distress, had their scenes near the end of Eternal Diva. Descole kidnapped Melina in order to forfill his wish of bringing Ambrosia to life with the one song (eventually revealed to be three): the Song of the Sea (the Song of the Stars and the Song of the Sun).

Melina's tough and edgy side is revealed when Descole appears. She looks exceptionally angry with him for concocting such a scheme, but all he thinks about is rising the ruins of Ambrosia. Descole gets vicious as she finishes singing because of this plan's failure, so he attempts to tear the city down instead with his Detra-Gigant.

Layton and Luke come for Melina. Unfortunately, Jean doesn't like this idea and tries to get rid of them. The singer disliked his idea; she jumped on his back for the sake of the others'. This didn't turn out all well, as she was pushed so far that she was left hanging at the side of machine by just her hands.

Eventually, Layton wins over, and Descole falls backwards off the Detra-Gigant, and the machine crashes into the sea, with the others' safely on the shore.


  • They are 11 years apart in age, Descole being 33 and Melina being 22 (a year prior Last Specter/Spectre's Call).
  • It is impossible that Melina and Descole will meet in the future, as Melina left Janice's body at the end of Eternal Diva.

Delina MomentsEdit

Eternal DivaEdit

  • Descole scooped Janice up in his arms, and lowered her down gently.
  • Janice's hand was being held by Descole's.
  • Janice sung twice for Descole.

Fights/Bad TimesEdit

  • Janice jumped on Descole, and he 'accidentally' pushed her away to her potential doom.

Delina SongsEdit

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Spoken MomentsEdit

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