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"You're me, so that means I get some credit for assisting."

"Oh, is that so?"

Cluke (Clook) is the pairing of Clive and Luke Triton (Cl/ive, L/uke). This is an un-canon pairing from the original trilogy. Their real life pairings are Yuria, Yuni and Maguri.

Relationship DynamicEdit

Clive sent Professor Layton a letter requesting help in Unwound Future claiming to be the 'future Luke Triton'. Layton and Luke get to future London via the clock shop and meet up with Clive at the Gilded 7 Casino. So they are not overheard, Layton, Luke and his future self go up to the supply room to talk. Clive tells them that Future London is ruled by an evil Layton, which shocks both Luke and Layton. They decide to leave the casino, but are unfortunately caught by Bostro, who mistakes Layton for his boss. He sends out the family goons to stop the trio from leaving. Layton leaves Luke, and goes to Clive, and together they make a machine gun to defend themselves. Luke rejoins the group after.

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  • An exact age difference is unknown.

Spoken MomentsEdit

"I can't believe how small I used to be."

"Hmph! I'm not THAT small!"