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"I need to go back! My parents are still inside!"

"Pull yourself together, boy! There's nothing to be done! Jump back in there and you'll die too!"

Clivon (Clie - vohn) is the pairing of Clive and Hershel Layton (Cliv/e, Layt/on). This is a original, un-canon pairing. Another name for them is Live, or Raus. Though Clive played a fraud around Layton, he found himself having fun and felt awfully sorry for the trouble afterwards. Their real-life pairing is Churi.

Relationship DynamicEdit

Layton and Clive unintentionally met at the time of the explosion which changed their lives forever. Clive was wandering the streets in search of his parents, until he was stopped by Layton for his own safety. Both of them lost someone quite dear to them that day.

10 years later, Layton received a letter from Clive claiming to be Luke fromthe future. He requested his help in stopping 'Future Layton'. Layton agreed to help him, and travelled to the 'future'. They worked together, but the professor soon found out that Future Luke was a fake. He presented his intuition at the Thames Arms, and, in reaction, Clive kidnapped Flora, taking her to his fortress and hoping he and Luke would follow him.

Soon, Clive is brought down, yet Layton still objects against his jailing. The man explained that he was just toying with him at first, but he began enjoying their time together. He leaves with plans to attend to his crimes.


  • If the theory of Clive being 23 is correct, they are 14 years apart in age. If not, no other age difference can be made.

Clivon MomentsEdit

Unwound FutureEdit

  • Clive introduced himself to Layton.
  • Clive told Layton about his 'future self', and the state of 'Future London'.
  • Clive challenged Layton to a Puzzle Battle.

Clivon HintsEdit

It is possible for them to meet again in future, as none of them died. It is still unknown when Clive has his prison release.

Fan RepresentationEdit

They have most success from doujinshi, though it's not likely to see any LaytonXClive specialized ones without Luke in them. They also have a dA group.

Spoken MomentsEdit

"So, tell me -- why exactly did you go through such pains to bring us here?'"

"I'll be happy to tell you in just a moment. But before that, I'd just like to verify that I'm dealing with the real Professor Layton here."