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"It's time to end this, Dimitri."

" does seem that way."

Climitri (Climm - ee - tree) is the pairing of Dimitri Allen and Claire (Cl/aire, D/imitri). This is an un-canon pairing from the original trilogy. Another name for them is Dimaire. Climitri includes a character who admired Claire, alongside Clershel and Paire. Dimitri loved Claire as much as Paul and Layton but was sadly in the shadows. Their real life pairing is Luri.

Relationship DynamicEdit

Claire and Dimitri worked together in the science labs. Dimitri was working with Bill Hawks on the time machine experiment, who wished to use Claire as a human subject, despite knowing that the machine was not ready for one. Claire was used in the experiment against Dimitri's will. Soon, on the day itself, Dimitri found out about the machine and rushed to stop Bill going ahead with it, but it was too late. He went inside and found Claire on the floor, dead.

Claire appeared ten years later, as she had been shot forth by some miracle. Dimitri saw the signs of molecular instability and knew she didn't have long to live. He tried to find out a way to save her. She noticed this, but couldn't stop him; she knew the only way to stop his plans was through Layton, who she met in 'future London'.

Both of them confessed at the end of Unwound Future. They, feeling guilty, decided that their time travel business would stop. Claire then left for good.


  • They were probably the same age.

Climitri MomentsEdit

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