Clenda is the pairing of Clark Triton and Brenda Triton (Cl/ark, Br/enda). This is one of the few canon pairings in the prequel trilogy. Another name for them is Bark. They were seperated over the course of Last Specter, only to be joyfully reunited after the game.

Relationship DynamicEdit

10 years prior Last Specter, Brenda and Clark had Luke, their one and only son. He was a courageous child who loved his mother dearly.

A while after Evan Barde's death, Jean Descole came to Misthallery in search of the Golden Garden. He kidnapped Brenda and Doland Noble, the Triton household's butler, and blackmailed Clark, in the position of mayor, into not telling anybody. He obeyed in order to protect Brenda. Luke showed hatred towards Clark; he believed both he and his mother were under the control of the specter. This proved wrong, as the specter was a fake. While Professor Layton and Luke fought off Descole, Emmy saved Brenda and Doland from the cellar they were trapped in.

They both had to see Luke leave with Layton, but they meet three years after. Eventually, Clark has a job transfer, so he, Brenda and Luke come together again ready to move.


  • They're probably the same age, one being slightly younger or older than the other.