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"But, don't you know what I did? What I tried to do?"

"Yes, but I would never leave you here to die. After all, so much of this tragedy was caused by the mistakes we scientists made."

Claive (Clay - ve) is the pairing of Claire and Clive (Clai/re, Cli/ve). This is an un-canon pairing from the original trilogy. Other names for them are Clivaire, Cliveste or Salaus. Clive and Claire both appear in Unwound Future, both majors with big backstories. Their real-life pairings are Ogushino and Yuni.

Relationship DynamicEdit

Both Claire and Clive's parents died in the time machine explosion. When Clive got older, he used his fortune to build 'Future London'. Claire, the time machine working to some extent, travelled ten years into the future to the time of Unwound Future. It is unknown how she got into Future London though.

Claire, alongside Layton, Luke, Flora, Chelmey, Barton, Don Paolo and Dimitri, witnessed Clive revealing his identity. He kidnapped Flora and took her to his fortress. Layton refused to let her join himself and Luke, but Don Paolo helped her get to the fortress anyway.

Whilst Layton got everybody else to safety, Claire went back to help Clive.


  • An exact age difference is unknown.

Claive MomentsEdit

Unwound FutureEdit

  • Claire went back to help Clive.
  • Claire partly blamed herself for the tragedy.