"This food is simply dreadful, Bill. Do get this over with quickly so we can leave."

"...Yes, dear."

Cill (Kill) is the pairing of Caroline Hawks and Bill Hawks (C/aroline, B/ill). This is one of the few canon pairings from the original trilogy. They don't exactly act like a proper married couple.

Relationship DynamicEdit

It's unknown how long Bill and Caroline were together for. They were only seen in Unwound Future at the time-machine presentation. When Bill agrees to help 'Dr. Alain Stahngun' demonstrate the first official time machine, Caroline is quite shocked. Bill isn't stopped, though. The time machine explodes, and Caroline faints.


  • They were probably the same age.
  • Caroline might not actually have loved Bill; she might have just been focused on the giant fortune he possesses. Bill doesn't seem to like her much either.

Cill MomentsEdit

Unwound FutureEdit

  • Bill and Caroline ate together.
  • Caroline thought Bill was out of his mind when he decided to help Alain.
  • Caroline cried out for Bill, then fainted.