"You cannot do this! You have no right!"

"Au contraire, my boy. Actually I have every right. Now let's just have a look."

Broscole (B-row-scoal-ey) is the pairing of Bronev Reinel and Jean Descole (Bro/nev, De/scole). This is an un-canon pairing from the prequel trilogy. Another name for them would be Desconev.

Relationship DynamicEdit

In the post credits scene of Miracle Mask, Descole discovers the Nautilus Vault of Akbadain, but Targent who secure the ruins against his will. Bronev gets his team to pin Descole down whilst he removes his mask, though is unsuccessful in uncovering Descole's identity due to a smoke bomb thrown by Raymond. However Bronev still has the mask after both Raymond and Jean leave.


  • Their age difference is completely unknown.

Broscole HintsEdit

  • Some theorize that Aryan, another character in Azran Legacies, is related to Descole's wish to find what he is looking for, and Bronev appears to want the Azran treasure, so their goals could have some relation.