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Britton (Brih - tawn) is the pairing of Brittney Earnhardt and Hershel Layton (Brit/tney, Lay/ton). This is a fanfictionous and CanonXOc pairing from the Brittney Earnhardt series on the Layton OCs Wiki, made by DetectiveLayton92.

Relationship DynamicEdit

Layton met Detective Earnhardt at a café, all because of a letter she had written. Unbeknownst to Layton, he had been followed by Brittney for a long while, ever since the events of Eternal Diva.

Through the case of Brittney's mother's unusual death, Layton and Brittney grew closer together, and in Shadowed Abductor, Layton proposed marriage. They got married about six months later, and continued solving cases together, until Brittney got arrested.


  • Brittney had been following Layton for around 3 years.
  • They are two years apart in age, Brittney being 35 and Layton being 37.
  • They like different cups of tea; Earl Grey for Layton, and Star Anise for Brittney.
  • Brittney was originally 'tasked' with keeping Layton out of harm's way, but this was her own doing, showing she cared about him.
  • Brittney is actually taller than Layton, but only by about two inches.

Britton MomentsEdit

Psychic DetectiveEdit

  • Brittney smiled when she saw Layton walk through the door at the café.
  • Layton complimented Brittney, and she blushed.
  • Brittney snapped at a man who approached her table, to make it obvious that she was with the professor.
  • Layton comforted Brittney when the memories of her mother's death resurfaced.
  • Brittney told Layton in a letter that she was quite fond of him, and Layton replied that he did, too.

Shadowed AbductorEdit

  • Brittney had moved in with Layton and lived with him for a year prior to the story.
  • Layton became nervous when he was going to ask Brittney something.
  • Layton was dedicated to save Brittney when she was kidnapped, because he knew her life was on the line.
  • Brittney hugged Layton when he rescued her.
  • Layton proposed to Brittney, and she accepted.

Final HoursEdit

  • Brittney visited Layton at the university on her way home, and found him asleep on the couch.
  • Brittney said she'd like for them to take a vacation soon.
  • Layton discussed the possibilities with Brittney to stop the world from 'ending'.
  • Layton congratulated Brittney when she 'saves' the world.

Force of ImpactEdit

  • Brittney invited Layton to come to the United States with her.
  • Brittney comforted Layton when he felt out of place at the airport.
  • Brittney knew that Layton liked it when she was showing off in her expensive rental car.
  • Layton was shocked when he learned that Brittney had been in a car crash.
  • Layton was by Brittney's side when she awoke from her coma.
  • Brittney and Layton were in the newspaper when they came home from the United States.

Bitter TruthEdit

  • Layton and Brittney discuss whether Broneph Reinel was giving Brittney all the information he had on Nicole Sonatta.
  • Brittney doubts that her friend Audrey will ever forgive her, but Layton tells her otherwise.


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Fights/Bad TimesEdit

  • Layton tried to get Brittney to calm down when she pointed her gun at Descole, but she didn't listen.
  • Brittney intentionally kept the file she stole a secret from Layton.
  • Brittney was arrested, and Layton was disappointed and aghast at what she had done.

Fan RepresentationEdit

This couple lacks in popularity due to publicity, but is comparitive to other Layton OC couples.

Britton SongsEdit

  • You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift


"She doesn't get your humor like I do" - You Belong With Me (Brittney and Layton, despite just meeting each other, getting along exceedingly well at the café)

"She'll never know your story like I do" - You Belong With Me (Layton understanding more about Brittney's past life and misery than most people do)

Spoken MomentsEdit

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