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(all scenarios, characters, e.g. © Level-5. All of this is fanfictionous) "Do you know the name of this man?"

"Yes. It was Professor Layton. He solved it all."

- Alexis confirming her intuition of Amelia.

Amexis (Am - ex - is) is the pairing of Amelia Ruth and Alexis Dove (Am/elia, Al/exis). This is an un-canon pairing half-created by Lilpuzzlette64, yet Amelia still belongs to Level-5.

Relationship DynamicEdit

Alexis met Amelia in the most uncertain of places - the cemetery. In connection to Eternal Diva, Amelia is upset over the death of her grandad, even with his death being a long while ago. She is quite forceful with Alexis at first, but was quite shocked at the words she was listening too. Before Alexis left, she called her back to tell her that she reminded her of "a very wise man who she met on a visit to Ambrosia". She was referring to Professor Hershel Layton, the English archaeologist (and protagonist of the Professor Layton series). Both of the girls witnessed the arrival of the fortress also.

It is unknown if they met again in future; it is a possibility.


  • They are probably around 3 or more years apart in age.