(all scenarios, characters, e.g. © Level-5. All of this is fanfictionous) Alexa (Al - ex - a) is the pairing of Alexis Dove and Flora Reinhold (Alex/is, Flor/a). This is an un-canon pairing from Time-Bust Cinderella and Evolution Beyond Imagination. This pairing was half-created by Lilpuzzlette64, yet Flora still belongs to Level-5.

Relationship DynamicEdit

Flora isn't sure about Alexis at first. They don't communicate much in Time-Bust Cinderella, but Flora takes an intrest in her relationship with Clive while they are living together.


  • Flora was originally supposed to be the sister of Alexis.
  • Alexis wasn't told Flora's name; she acknowledged it from Claire.

Alexa MomentsEdit

Time Bust CinderellaEdit

  • Alexis says that Flora is a "young lady" who is "petite and lovely". She also says she is cute.

Evolution Beyond ImaginationEdit

  • Alexis is curious at what Flora is drawing.
  • Alexis is concerned about Flora's happiness.
  • Flora asks to go see Clive with Alexis.
  • Flora comforts Alexis when she is crying.